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Chicken with Soy Sauce and Shao Hsing Wine

 Chicken with Soy Sauce and Shao Hsing Wine

I remember watching The Cook and The Chef (Maggie Beer and Simon Bryant) one night late last year and this one recipe they were making  (Chicken Braised with Soy Sauce and Shao Hsing Wine) made my mouth water instantly. 

I was thinking of following the recipe but I made mine different anyway.  Instead of putting all the ingredients in a stock pot and poaching it, I marinated chicken wings/drumsticks over night and baked it in a roasting pan in the oven at 180c for 30 minutes to 35 minutes.  My goodness it tasted so delicate and juicy!   I have marinated the chicken overnight so you get that depth of flavour of the wine and soy sauce through the chicken.   You have to be careful not to put so much soy sauce into the marinade otherwise it will turn out pretty salty and it wouldn't be nice.

Chicken with Soy Sauce and Shao Hsing Wine
(adapted by Kylie Kwong's original recipe) (baked)

2kg of drumsticks and chicken wings

Marinate/Stock Ingredients
1 cup of shao hsing wine
1/2 cup of light soy sauce
3 garlic cloves crushed
10cm of ginger finely sliced
3 tbs of light brown sugar
1 to 2 cups of water
some oil

Mix all marinate ingredients in a small bowl.   
In a big bowl add the chicken wings and drumsticks and pour in the marinate and coat evenly until well covered.  
Cover with cling wrap well and refrigerate overnight.
Preheat oven at about 180c
In 2 roasters/roasting trays (I used 2 pyrex glass rectangle roasters) spread out the chicken evenly pour in stock evenly in both trays.
Transfer both trays into the oven and cook for at least 30minutes or til done!
Serve immediately with hot jasmine rice!  


Stuffed Beef Capsicum

Stuffed Beef Capsicum is what I had for dinner several weeks ago but didn't have the time to update yet again!   Usually at the end of the week I have left overs of unused frozen beef mince, capsicums, carrots and mushrooms and anything that I haven't really used when I buy fresh groceries on the weekend.  In the pantry I would have bits and pieces of shitake mushrooms, clear vermicelli noodles, onions and garlic. 

I could of chopped all of the vegetables up and stir fried it with clear noodles and eaten it that way but I chose to use the capsicums and stuffed it with leftovers.  It looks more pretty that way and surely it tasted great too hehe.  I know that most stuffed capsicum recipes use rice to stuff but I just used lots of clear vermicelli noodles!

I didn't really measure the ingredients (yet again).  I just pretty much worked with what I have :).

Stuffed Beef Capsicum

* 2 to 3 red or green capsicums
* 300 grams of beef mince
* half pack of vermicelli noodle, soaked and chopped roughly 
* handful of shitake mushrooms, soaked and chopped roughly
* oil
* 3 cloves of garlic chopped
* 1 onion diced
* 1 carrot grated
* 1 egg
* oyster sauce
* soy sauce
* dash of sesame oil
* white pepper and salt to taste

Firstly, de-seed the capsicums and scoop out the membrane bits and wash.  Set aside.
Preheat oven to about 180 degrees
Mix all the ingredients above until well incorporated.
On a large sized pan, cook the beef mixture halfway (til looks like it is nearly done).
Transfer the beef mixture into the capsicums and drizzle with olive oil.
Bake in a baking tray for about 30 to 40 minutes til done


Cooking with Kids: Marshmallow Rice Bubble Slice

kids love eating and licking the spoons!

Today this kids and I made Marshmallow Rice Bubble Slice.   I made rice bubble slice before but that one didn't have the marshmallow in it. I like this version better. It's softer and chewy than the one with copha in it.   The recipe I have used is from kidspot a popular Australian parent resource site.  I added some chocolate chips in it too to make it a bit more fun for the kids.   Well at the end they picked into the slice and went for the chips instead lol.  Oh well!  At least they had a good time learning how to cooperate and work together by mixing, patting and taking turns in the kitchen.

Marshmallow Rice Bubble Slice (adapted from kidspot.com.au)


* 75g butter
* 1 ½ packages Black and Gold brand Marshmallow puffs (pink and white)
* 6 cups rice bubbles
* optional:  1/2 cup of chocolate chips


Butter a large lamington or slice pan and set aside. 

Heat a large, heavy-based saucepan to a medium heat and melt butter.

Add marshmallow puffs and allow them to melt completely until you have a smooth cream. Be sure to stir constantly so the bottom does not burn.

Add rice bubbles quickly and continue to vigorously stir.  Add in the chocolate chips.

Once all ingredients are combined, place the mixture into prepared pan and press down using the back of a clean spoon until even.

Allow to cool and cut into slices. Serve or store in an air-tight container for up to one week.

I didn't take a photo of it first and this was the very LAST piece.  It was pretty good despite that fact it didn't look that nice cause of the pink melted marshmallows!

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend!   I have been so busy and haven't had to update or check anything!  Til next time :)


Papaya Smoothie/Milkshake

I love papaya.   It's so refreshing and healthy to eat.   I love it eaten green when cooked in soups and I like it in desserts like jelly.   This time I have a Papaya Smoothie/Milkshake to share.  It's quite simple to make and very healthy for you.  In fact it is the most super fruit on the list!  It's a very rich source of vitamins C, A, E, folate, fibre and potassium!  Papaya also is commonly known for its use as a natural digestive aid which breaks down protein and cleanses the digestive tract.  So this is a good way for people who want to lose some weight!

To find a nice ripe papaya.....you will need to look for a nice golden colour skinned fruit and the inside flesh should be smooth and silky and golden yellow in colour.  It also should smell sweet!

I don't really measure but this is just approximate!  Put as much milk in the smoothie if you want it sweeter or thicker/thinner.   Work with what you have.

Papaya Smoothie/Milkshake

1/2 of a papaya (seeds out, skin off and chopped into cubes)
1 cup of milk
3 tbs of condensed milk
1 to 2 cups of crushed ice

Put all the ingredients into the blender and blend til smooth.   Serve immediately!


Mixed Berry Banana Smoothie

Mixed berry and banana smoothie such a healthy snack that is pretty much a meal itself!  It is such a fantastic combination that can be alternated with different types of ingredients such as different types of yogurt, how much ice you want to use and how much banana or berries you like to add.  It's the same with every other type with smoothies that you can personalise.

I have used frozen berries since it is so hard to find fresh ones here.  Does the same trick :).

Mixed Berry and Banana Smoothie

This is my combination (alternate as you would like it)

1 cup of mixed berries
2 bananas
1 cup of milk
5 spoonfuls of yogurt (I used plain vanilla yogurt but you can alternate)
2 cups of crushed ice (to make it thick consistency)
optional: splash of coconut milk (I just like adding coconut milk to every smoothie I make)

Add all ingredients together and blend til smooth to your consistency.  Add more ice to get thick or add more milk to get it more thinner consistency.

Serve immediately.


Lamb Shoulder with Rosemary and Mint

There is something about the combination of lamb with rosemary and mint -  it's just tastes so delicious and makes you want to go "mmmmmmm!" after every bite.    I made rosemary and mint marinade (or jelly) that was initially for lamb chops but since the lamb shoulder was on special I grabbed this instead.

This dish is so good and while cooking in the oven the smell just traveled throughout the house!  So yummy!

I don't really measure when I am cooking....I only measure when I bake :).  So these are approximate measures of the recipe.

Lamb Shoulder with Rosemary and Mint

1kg of lamb shoulder
1/2 cup of mint jelly
3 tbs of mint chopped up (i just used Vietnamese mint in the garden)
3 tbs of fresh rosemary (or you can use the dry ones)
1 tbs of vegetable oil or olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

In a bowl transfer all ingredients (except for lamb) in a large sized bowl and mix well.   Transfer the lamb shoulder into the marinade and rub the marinate into the lamb on all sides.

Refrigerate over night to get the deep flavour.  You can marinate for one hour but I like to marinate overnight so you get that mint and rosemary flavour absorb through the meat.

Preheat oven at about 180c for 10 minutes and transfer the marinated lamb onto a baking tray making sure all sides are covered with the marinate.

Cook for at least 35minutes in the oven or until cooked through.  It can take longer or less depending on your oven.

Rest for 10 minutes and so and cut into slices and serve with veges, salad or hot chips!  YUMM!


Sinh To Bo (Vietnamese Avocado Milkshake/Smoothie)

Sinh To Bo (Vietnamese avocado milkshake) is my favourite Vietnamese milkshake/smoothie!   And since it's in season where I am I thought I would make some!   It's so delicious yet so healthy besides the condensed milk.   The combination of the condense milk and the avocado gives this really nice smooth, rich and creamy consistency that you would think there was ice cream in it!

Sinh To Bo (Vietnamese Avocado Milkshake/Smoothie) (makes 2 serves)

2 ripe avocados (skin off and seed out)
1/4 (or more depends on your sweet tooth) of condense milk
1/2 cup of milk
1/4 cup of coconut milk
2 cups of crushed ice

Blend all ingredients together til nice and smooth.   Add more milk (less thicker) or add more condense milk (sweeter) to get the consistency you want.  Serve immediately!



Pineapple and Lychee Colada

Pineapple and Lychee Colada is such a wonderful combination together with coconut milk.  Lychees are my favourite Chinese fruit and I love it as tea and on it's own all to myself!  Since lychee season isn't here at the moment I just opted for a can instead at my local Asian grocers.

Pineapple of Lychee Colada

500mls of pineapple juice
4 rings of canned pineapple
500g of canned lychees
150mls of coconut milk
crushed ice

First put all the pineapple juice and pineapple, and lychee in blender and blend til smooth.
Add the coconut milk and ice til smooth and thick.
Serve immediately.


Grilled Chicken with Tomato Fried Rice

This is a nice healthy dish that was easily whipped up using only one chicken breast fillet, ginger and garlic, tomato sauce and yesterday's rice!  Tasted so good I think I have to make another next time.  So this was my breakfast this morning.......looks like it was made for dinner :).

Grilled Chicken with Tomato Fried Rice (serves 2)

1 chicken breast fillet (flatten it out with mallet til tender and cut in half)
salt and pepper to taste
ginger julienne
1 tbs of butter

Fried Rice:
2 cups of cooked rice (1 day old)
minced garlic
1 onion sliced
1 tbs of tomato sauce
3 egg yolks
3 egg whites 
1 tbs of butter
salt and pepper to taste

coriander leaves
ginger julienne

Bring wok to medium heat and add butter and egg whites.  Cook the egg whites and set aside.  While cooling down cut them into strips. Leave aside.

In the same wok, add butter, garlic and onion.  Saute til brown.  Add in the rice and tomato sauce.  Mix the rice and tomato til incorporated and add in the egg yolks.   Stir and mix the egg yolk through the rice til the rice turns all crispy and golden.   Transfer this to plates.

Bring a grill to medium high heat and add butter and ginger.  Lay chicken and grill for 6 to 8 minutes.  To check when ready, put a skewer directly into the middle of the breast and if juice flows clear it's done.

Rest chicken and cut into strips.  Transfer onto prepared rice plates.  Garnish with coriander and serve immediately.

Pineapple and Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie

I went up shopping today and picked up some watermelon and strawberries and decided to whip up this smoothie today with a can of pineapple I have already at home.  It is simply called a Pineapple and Strawberry Watermelon smoothie.  It's so yummy!   When choosing watermelon choose one that feels heavy for its size.   The cooler months tend not to be that sweet but sweeter in the warmer months.  I just add honey for a sweeter taste.

Pineapple and Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie  (serves 2)

1 cup chopped watermelon
1/2 cup of strawberries halved and hulled
about 3 rings of canned pineapple
1 cup of coconut milk/milk or even yogurt (optional)
1/2 tsp of honey
1 cup of crushed ice

Put the watermelon, strawberries, and pineapple in blender and blend til smooth.  Add the coconut milk or milk/yogurt, honey and ice.  Blend til thick or til ice has broken down.


Ginger Chicken

Ginger chicken is such a home-y recipe.   I love it with a side of hot jasmine rice and some steamed Asian vegetables.   I got this idea off  No Frills Recipe which is steamed.  I don't really have a steamer (I only own an electric one) so I used a wok and fried all the chicken pieces til browned.  Then I added some water and steamed it for 5 to 10 minutes until the sauce is reduced.  I enjoyed this so much I am going to make it a regular :).

Ginger Chicken (adapted from No Frills Recipe)

1kg of chicken breast fillets chopped into bite size pieces
116g of prepared ginger paste (the fresh one in a tube in the vegetable section in Woolworths)
3 tbs of corn flour
dash of sesame oil
1tbs of oil
some ginger julienne
1 clove of garlic silvered  
1tsp of sugar
2tbs of light soy sauce
pinch of salt
optional: coriander to garnish


In a mixing bowl combine prepared ginger paste, sugar, corn flour, sesame oil, sugar, soy sauce and pinch of salt and mix til the sugar dissolved.  Coat the chicken pieces and marinate it covered and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Then in a large saucepan or wok to medium heat, add oil, ginger julienne and garlic and fry until fragrant.

Then turn the heat on high and add half the chicken pieces and seal all sides til brown for 2 minutes each.  We are cooking 2 batches.

Add some water and cover the saucepan or wok with lid and cook on medium heat for 5 to 10 minutes and until you see that your sauce is reduced to a nice gravy consistency.

Transfer to a medium sized bowl and repeat for the second batch.

Serve with hot jasmine rice and Asian greens.  Can also garnish your dish.