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I am just your average girl (not sure if I should call myself a girl anymore lol....I am a young mum) that loves to take photos of food!    I like to cook and bake -  I am not very good at it but I do try to!

Since I have moved out of home in early 2009 I have been cooking a lot more.   I eventually started this food blog later on during the year to document my misadventures in my very own kitchen :).   It involved with a lot of experimenting recipes that I either downloaded from the net, read off food blogs and of course the cook books.   I am getting a bit better in the cooking department and improving in my baking skills.

In 2012 I gave birth to my beautiful daughter.  She has been keeping me on my toes so I haven't been really updating :).  I hope to update a lot more often! 

I hope to incorporate other interests here as well.......like for one - baby things and baby food, kids and craft! 

All the content in this blog will remain.