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Ikea Food Restaurant/Cafe, Logan City

I love Ikea and the store I go to is the one in Logan City!  I love Ikea for their Swedish furniture - so modern and stylish yet cheap.  After hours and hours of walking around admiring their show rooms  I start to get real hungry and all I want to do is sit down for a good meal.   The food there is cheap for the price (under $15) and it tastes alright but I think the desserts there are pretty sweet!    I like having coffee there since I get it for free since I am a 'Ikea family member' which  allows me to have discounts on weekly items and deals on meals!

I only been to the Ikea Restaurant/Cafe for lunch.  I have yet to eat anything from the breakfast or dinner menu.  I have yet to try Bistro or purchase their items at the food market.

This is what I had a few weeks ago.  Fish and chips with a daim cake and a free coffee!   I think I paid about $10 altogether for this plus the free coffee.

Daim,  Almond tart with Daim - brittle butter almond centres with a milk chocolate coating.  It's nice and crunchy but way to sweet for my tooth!  I remember it was about $2.95 under the family member discount(?)  Normally its $3.95

Salt and pepper squid (under $6 i think>) and chips (extra $) on the side.  It looks dry but it was pretty okay.

What I had earlier this week:

Chicken breast with vegetable pasta.  I like this and it costs me $7.95.  The chicken was somewhat dry but oh well I get what I pay for :P.

Stuffed salmon fillet with chive and dill sauce with vegetable medallions with chive & dill sauce. $11.95!  This was so yummy!!!!  The medallions were delicious and the salmon was cooked right.  Fresh too.

I am at Ikea to only shop and if I am hungry I will get something to eat here.  It looks like hospital food but for the price you can't really complain!   The service is quick - you wait in line like a canteen and out you go with the food.  Finding a spot to eat is kind of hard if you eat around lunch time.  You have to clear your utensils and dishes yourself since they do not hire cleaners.  

I will recommend it if you are okay with cheap food :P.

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