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White Wings Creme Caramel

I think this is my third time making these White Wings Creme Caramels! It's as good as the ones you make from scratch! With these pre mixed ones it takes less than 30 minutes and just an hour to set. It's so yummy!!! I love it

ugly how it came out

The packaging is very tasteful and the instructions are really easy to follow. The box contains 2 packs - one for the sauce and one of the custard mix. All you need is water and 3 and half cups of milk! You can be creative too with the recipe. What I do is add one tablespoon of coffee into the custard mix so I can get a coffee flavour into it. Very nice.

You can get White Wings Creme Caramel at Woolies or Coles for under $3! It makes about 6.


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