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Easy Viet Salad with Spring Rolls

This is my own version of an Asian 'salad'. I didn't have much in the fridge or the cupboard so I put this together with anything I had in the kitchen. It turned out great - refreshing (cause of the mint and lettuce) and very tasty.

To serve about 2 people you will need:

6 cooked spring rolls (just buy the frozen ones and deep fry them) cut up into bit sized portions
1/2 cup of Vietnamese mint
1/2 cup of shredded ice berg lettuce
3/4 cup of bean sprouts
3/4 of bamboo shoots
1 piece of golden swallow noodles cooked and drained
3 tbs of Vietnamese dipping sauce


Incorporate all the ingredients together until the noodles and salad mixes through well
Then add the sauce until desired taste. Add more if you think it's not salty enough
Enjoy :)!!!

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