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Citrus Coconut Cakes

I felt something really coconut-y last night and I searched through the internet and this little easy number came up. I got this Citrus Coconut Cake recipe from taste.com.au. and I tell you what it tasted so yummy! It was light and fluffly and I loved the aroma of the lemon and orange rind coming out from the oven. It was divine but it sort of lacked sweetness to it. I am pretty much a sweet tooth so next time when I make it I will make with lemon icing on top!

I am not a huge fan of baking since every time I bake it will turn into a big disaster but I love anything that is sweet and baked and bread-y. I can still remember the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg from the bakery I used to work at. I did pick up a few skills here and there but I was not the baker. I was just the girl who sold the bread hehe. I did get free bread rolls, sweet breads and cakes whenever I finished my shift but from time to time I got sick of it......sometimes...lol. I had a good time working there for like 3 years. The baker did not expose any of his recipes. Selfish! Maybe he was scared that one day I will open up a bakery and sell Vietnamese Pork Rolls and sell him out or something lol. Noooo.......lol.

Anyway enough rambling. I kind of altered this recipe a bit because I just did? I am bad like that. I never follow recipes. I am not scared of putting other things in it. I like trial and error. The recipe said to sprinkle the coconut on top but i put some into the mixture too and I made double the batch.

Mixture in the patty cases. I don't have a patty pan so I had to do that

out of the oven. nice and golden. smells delicious.

Here is the recipe.
Citrus Coconut Cake From Taste.com.au