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Strawberry Jam Coconut Slice

Jam coconut slices are one of my favourite treats. I remember buying my first one at a local bakery and it tasted not overly too sweet and not too dry. It was perfect. I have been through a few jam coconut slice recipes and most of them are too sweet for my taste buds. I just cut down the sugar the second time making them. Most of the time the jam is already sweet so you don't need that much sugar in the first place.

I found a coconut slice recipe on taste.com.au and I cut down the sugar to about 1/2 a cup. I knew that 1 cup of caster sugar would be tooo sweet! This recipe is simple and quick and most of the family will enjoy it.....well maybe all of them!

Jam Coconut Slice Recipe
adapted from taste.com.au

  • 2 cups plain flour
  • *** 1/2 cup caster sugar
  • 125g butter, chilled, cubed
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 3/4 cup strawberry jam (ANY JAM)
  • 2 cups desiccated coconut

  1. Preheat oven to 180C. Grease and line a 3cm deep, 24cm x 29.5cm (base) lamington pan. Process flour, 1/2 cup sugar and butter to resemble breadcrumbs. 
  2. Add 1 egg and vanilla. 
  3. Process to form a dough. 
  4. Press dough into base of prepared pan. 
  5. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, or until light golden. 
  6. Spread jam over warm base. (you will find it easier to spread when the jam is warmed in the microwave for a couple of seconds)
  7. Whisk remaining eggs and remaining 1/2 cup sugar together. 
  8. Stir in coconut. 
  9. Spread over jam. 
  10. Bake for 25 minutes, or until golden. 
  11. Cool completely in pan. 
  12. Cut into pieces. Serve


    1. wow you have been doing a lot of baking! Looks good!

    2. with this much of coconut the jam really didn't matter! :D Yummy and delicious slice! I would make this if it wasn't for the CNY baking which is making me busy :(

    3. Hey this is so suitable for Lunar New Year if you add pineapple instead..... very presentable !

    4. Strawberry and coconut sounds like a great combo. I'll have to try it. Thanks for the recipe! Ken

    5. This definitely looks good. Will bookmark it and try to do it after CNY.

    6. Jam coconut slices look good.This would go well with a nice cup of cold tea.
      Good work Ann keep up cheers..

    7. love these little jewels !! aussies seem to love these lamingtons !! cheers Pierre

    8. Looks delicious...I will have to make these sometime.

    9. @ 3 hungry tummies: yeah i have been doing heaps of baking with my kids. they enjoyed it

      @ tracieMOO: cant wait for CNY or Viet new year. I can't wait for banh chung ...its glutinous rice wrapped around pork filling. yummm!! but i wont get any red packets this year or any other year :(..too old now lol

      @ full time housefly: oh yeah it would taste great too !

      @ ken albala: yeah its really good! sweet though

      @ anncoo: yeah its sweet! hehe

      @ vinnie: geez thanks lol

      @ p: yeah most aussies love lamingtons!

      @ bo: yeah its pretty quick to make

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