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Saturday Fresh Markets at Rocklea, Brisbane

I love going to the Fresh Markets on Saturdays at Rocklea! It is always busy busy busy with people bustling around and families lining up for very cheap fruit and vegetables (compared to supermarkets) . Not only that the markets sell the cheapest fruit and vegetables in town, they do sell breakfast for the early birds that come in to buy the freshest produce. You can already smell the delicious food when you enter! mmmm!

Fresh Greek yogurt, food court, florist and fresh produce

Near the flower and plant stall you can spot the Greek food stand, the Asian take away stand, the bacon and egg stand, and then the dutch pancakes and coffee stall. Across from these stalls you can spot the infamous German sausage stand which they sell the cheapest bread and sausage for about $6. They are mighty big! Trust me! In the middle of the stalls is the food court where a lot of families gather around and eat breakfast and lunch and listen to free performances by local musicians. Sometimes the kids gather around up there and dance around a bit. Cute much?

Fresh produce

When you enter the markets you will find the areas are mainly grouped in categories. The first part is the food, flowers and plants and then when you walk further in that is where all the fruit and vegetable stands are. Some stands are really big and some are small. Amongst them you will past wine sellers, soap stands, knife sharpie, craft shops and home made lollies. At the end of markets you will find the bargain meats and seafood! It is a bit cheaper compared to other meat sellers from the shops. I have bought only fish here and it was very fresh. The women that sell the fish are always happy and on their toes all the time. They never look tired. I am already tired just making it to the markets lol.

Customers lining up for fresh bargain meat

By around 11pm to 11.30pm things get a bit heated up. Most of the fruit goes CHEAP around this time. Spruikers from the stands will yell out their specials. $1 $1 $1 dollar kg for bananas!!! Then on the other stand you will hear 79cents a kg!! 79cents a kg!! for bananas!!! or 3 punnets of strawberries for 2 bux!!! That is right folks 3 punnets of strawberries for 2 bux! This is the time when I come in to get really cheap deals!! I usually make a whole loop and memorise all the prices in my head and head back to the cheapest stall to buy fruit and vegetables. I sound cheap? No, I am just being smart! I bought 7kgs of lady finger banana's for around $7 and that is sooo cheap compared to supermarkets. Supermarkets pretty much sell lady finger's for around $4.99 depending the season. Once I bought a bag of fresh tomatoes for 49 cents and 3 ice burg lettuce for only $1! The cheap price really depends on the season on the produce however the produce that are not really in season are cheaper at the markets.

I always have a lot fun browsing around for cheap fruit and vegetables and occasionally having a quick bite of the delicious local food. I go to this market about every fortnight when I want to bulk up on fruit and vegetables. This is a big advantage if you want to buy big! However, if you are only going for a few things I suggest just save your $3 entry fee and petrol and just go to the supermarket.

If you would like to experience what a fresh market is like then come along by yourself or bring your family! It's friendly and fun!

When: 6am to 12pm every Saturday Morning
Where: Brisbane Market Place, 250 Sherwood Road, Rocklea BRISBANE QLD AUSTRALIA
How to get there: You can get there by Car - it costs $3 for parking or you can park across the road and enter the markets for $1 per person. Or you can go by public transport and stop at Rocklea station which is the closest train station (check Translink for more info)

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  1. Interesting market! U must have a very big fridge too haha

  2. Wow!!! Thats a lot of bananas!

  3. I have been there before if I remember correctly. We were there for our annual family vacation in Gold Coast and Brisbane... I love walking around the market and check out new products then follow by a nice cup of coffee and muffin

  4. Rocklea market is my local - I love the fruit and veg there although I've noticed a lot more of the specialty stuff coming through as well (maracons, chocolate truffles, cupcakes, goats meat. etc)

    Although I wouldn't park across the road, it really pisses people off who are actually using that strip of shops.

  5. I too agree WISHFUL PANTRY. I try so many times to park at the local Rocklea Butcher for bulk meat. But somehow I find myself parking way at the back on the other side of the strip because of the fruit and veg customers taking up all the parking space! INCONSIDERATE! they cant even fork out a measly $3 to park on the other side! talk about STINGY people these days.

  6. @ 3 hungry tummies: yeah its the best one i have been to so far and i think the fridge is big enough for 2

    @ sweet kormal: sure is!

    @ bo: haha yeah all gone in 4 days

    @ full time housefly: yeah i like just walking around and just browsing through interesting stuff

    @ wishfulpantry: oh yeah i forgot to mention that hehe...those little cute cake stalls.

    parking really stinks at around 10.30ish am when the vege markets park is full we have to turn around and park on the strip

    @vinnie: lol true true