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Finally My Laminex Apron Has Arrived! :)

Everybody loves freebies especially me! Last year I entered a kitchen make over competition by Laminex last year in October 2009 (see post it here) and by filling out the details they will give you a free black apron with their logo on it. I have pretty much forgot about the freebie and when I checked my letter box I was super happy lol. It was suppose to arrive after 28 days of submitting details but I waited for under 3 months :P.

You know how sometimes free stuff are really bad quality? Well this black apron is super tough! It's not plastic or anything like that its like really good material. Yay now I have a new black apron!


  1. Haha, next time remember to sign me up for freebies too! The apron looks good. But I haven't used one for almost 5 years...:P

  2. Anything free sound good to me too. :D

  3. Yes, I love freebies too! Who doesn't?? Hahaa..