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Green Tea Jelly

A few days ago I made konnyaku jelly consisting of papaya and coconut milk and this time I wanted to make green tea jelly with the same konnyaku powder I have left.   This is a very good, well to me anyway since I drink green tea almost religiously.    Now for this recipe I didn't add too much sugar like all my desserts otherwise the sweetness will take over the focused flavour.

Green Tea Jelly

- 1 PKT of Konnyaku Jelly Powder (10grams).  You can get this at the Asian Market in a packets.
- 950MLS of water
- 2 green tea bags
- 100G of caster sugar

  1. in a saucepan boil water and add green tea bags
  2. turn off heat and leave to brew for about half an hour
  3. take out the tea bags and squeeze to get the excess tea out 
  4. mix sugar and konnyaku jelly powder
  5. turn on heat again and add the sugar and konnyaku mix
  6. mix til the consistency of the mixture goes thick
  7. pour the konnyaku mix carefully into the molds and let cool
    set the jelly in the fridge
It is a simple jelly dessert and quite bland if you didn't use much sugar like me.  add more to make it more sweet for your taste.
Important!: If elderly or children are consuming konnyaku jelly please make sure you chop it up into little pieces.  This is because konnyaku jelly does not melt into the mouth like other jellies.   It will cause little ones and elderly to choke!   And can result in death.  Elderly and children have choked and died on konnyaki litchi jellies so be careful.


  1. Oh you have been busy preparing dessert! :) I love the sound of this!

  2. Hi Ann, got caught up with making jellies and custards? You're making me want to make some again. They're guilt-free cold desserts I absolutely loveee.. :))

  3. Green Tea Jelly. I have never heard of such a thing. I would imagine it tastes wonderful.

  4. blogwalking friend
    What do you want to exchange links with me?

  5. Oooh...I love konnyaku jelly.....delicious and refreshing.

  6. @3 hungry tummies: hmm i wonder where your other comment went last night lols. i know there is a chinese jelly but i cant find green tea jelly powder anywhere so i used the normal tea bags.

    @tracieMOO: i love custard hehe and jelliess. im always making it

    @lady ren: tastes refreshing yet bland. depends if you like green tea

    @mary moh: it is!

    @review: oh sorry mate..i only link back only food related blogs

  7. I have been drinking lots of green tea lately...I will have to try this.