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Papaya Coconut Milk Jelly

 Papaya Coconut Milk Jelly Dessert

Papaya fruit is in season so I made a JELLY!!   Papaya these days costs about $3.99 to $6.00 a kg depending where you get it from.  Instead of buying them I get for free!  My grandma grows a big papaya tree in her backyard and pick them whenever it is in season.  We already picked about 10 from the tree and it is already ripe.   I love it chilled and eaten off the skin, I love it cooked as soup with pork mince but most of all I like it as a refreshing dessert -  Papaya Coconut Milk Jelly.

Fresh Picked Papaya 

Instead of using agar agar jelly powder (asian jelly made from the seaweed from gelatin) I used konnyaku jelly powder (jelly derived from konjac corms for its starchy substance) to make the papaya coconut milk jelly.   I find it when using agar agar the consistency of the jelly is a bit more harder than konnyaku jelly.  Konnyaku jelly has a more softer and western jelly consistency if you know what I mean.

I did not follow the konnyaku jelly packet's instruction because I thought it was too much sugar and water.  At the end you are going to add the sweet papaya into the jelly.   

Konnyaku Jelly Powder.  Softer consistency than agar agar jelly when set

To make Papaya Coconut Milk Jelly you will need:

- 1 PKT of Konnyaku Jelly Powder (10grams).  You can get this at the Asian Market in a packets.
- 250MLS of coconut cream
- 700MLS of boiling water
- 100G of caster sugar
- half of papaya fruit chopped in small pieces


- mix sugar and konnyaku jelly powder
- add to saucepan with boiling water
- stir mixture til dissolved and then add the coconut milk
- mix til the consistency of the mixture goes thick
- turn off heat
- assemble chopped papaya into your molds
- pour the konnyaku mix carefully into the molds and let cool
- set the jelly in the fridge

You can add other fruits into the jelly as well like mango, passionfruit or anything that is in season


  1. excellent looking dessert. i think this would have been worthy for the Longrain Taste of Sydney stall :-)

  2. woo hoo! how we both just love konnyaku jelly! papaya and coconut milk!! never thought of it but I'm so convince that they would taste good. I want to try this with the rest of the konnyaku powder I have :D

  3. @simon: thanks! it tasted just perfect! not too sweet too

  4. Softer than agar agar? I think I have to try this, where did you get it from?

    I'm not a fan of paw paw, but still looks super yummy!

  5. Beautiful and refreshing! I still have konnyaku powder at home but different brand. Would like to try this.

  6. This looks so delicious. I love papaya.

  7. Hi Ann ,
    i love this dessert so fresh thanks for the sharing
    Cheers from Pierre the french foodie

  8. Hi...jelly turns out great, feel like to bite it right away...

  9. Oh wow, that looks so good! Love coconut!

  10. What a wonderful combination, I can taste the tropics!

  11. This looks great and for sure it tastes great since I had this dish before during my youthful days. My grandma made it differently, she used to make it avocado with konnyaku jelly. it left a very creamy rich taste. very nice..you should try it

  12. I am not a fan of papaya, but I think I will like this beautiful jelly