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Maki Sushi (Rolled Sushi)

Last night my Japanese friend and I made maki sushi.  Well technically I did all the work and he just showed me how lol. Yeah, I will not go into it further >_<. This is my very first time making anything Japanese! I had a difficult time spreading the sushi rice onto the nori (roasted seaweed paper) and had a very difficult time rolling up the sushi with the mat. It was...pathetic! lol.

My Japanese friend calls it Maki Sushi...he doesn't say sushi but "maki sushi" which is just "rolled sushi" in English. Maki Sushi is so easy to make and you can pretty much put anything in the roll! It is similar to Vietnamese Rice rolls but instead of the rice paper and rice noodles, Japanese have the nori and sushi rice flavoured with sushi vinegar.


The ingredients I put in the roll were fried eggs, cucumber, cooked chicken, canned tuna and loads of mayonnaise. It tasted pretty alright for the first time even my Japanese friend agreed!

Here is a simple recipe of:

MAKI SUSHI (adapted from Pandaroo Brand)
  • 500g cooked sushi rice
  • 1 tbsp of sushi vinegar
  • 5 sheets of seaweed
  • wasabi
  • choice of filling:  I used cucumber, canned tuna, chicken, fried eggs and mayo.  You can also use prawns, avocado, lettuce ...whatever suits your fancy
I was suppose to leave 5cms free of rice at the end.  But hey it did turn out okay at the end :)


1.  Pour sushi vinegar over cooked sushi rice and mix thoroughly
2.  On a sushi mat, place the shiny seaweed part down
3.  Spread the vinegar flavoured rice evenly over the seaweed.  Leave 5 cms of one end of free rice.
4. Place fillings in a line
5. Starting from the end with fillings lift the bamboo mat and begin to roll the sheet.  Wet the strip end.  Apply gentle pressure to join edges of seaweed.
6. Slice with wet knife and enjoy!


  1. Haha great work! I have been making this for lunch too!

  2. @tummies: thank you!!! i made it for lunch as well lols. it was so hard rolling it up and my Jap friend just stood there watching....probably thinking "what the?" lols

    @ kennyt: thank you for the compliment! it was my first time. the first couple were uglyyy!! it fell apart!

  3. Good Job! Ann :) Beautiful rolls.

  4. Oh the sushi looks beautiful! Love it!

  5. I have never made sushi...I have only eaten it out. Yours looks great!

  6. @somewhere in singapore: i love the tempura prawn rolls ..now thats my fav!

    @sook: thanks sook!

    @ bo: thanks you

    @ dirtywhitegi: hahaha you are still in brazil with no asian food ehhhh? aww lol