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Passion fruit Mousee Cake

Passion fruit Mousse Cake

I attempted to make this Passion fruit Mousse Cake by Do What I Like on the weekend and I have to say it was pretty good yet the chiffon cake was dry?  I think because I blasted my oven on full force fan or may be I didn't measure the ingredients to the exact amount.  Or maybe time had surpassed and I forgot? 

I didn't have fresh passion fruit so I used the canned passion fruit pulp that you can get at Woolworths and I didn't have other fresh fruit on hand so I used some grapes lol.   It was okay.   But I reckon that having fresh mangoes or strawberries or even kiwi fruit be so much better to compliment the passion fruit flavour!

What it looked out when it came out of the spring-form pan

That's what it looked like the next day.  The cake takes a lot of time.  You have to bake chiffon cake first, let it cool pretty much the whole day, then cut it into 3 layers (in my case only 2) and then you have to make the mousse then assemble the cake, chill for 2 to 3 hours and then make the glaze and chill.  After that decorate.  I just whipped up cream and covered the sides of the cake and decorated it with toasted slithered almonds.   It takes a lot of effort and now I know why cakes like this are pretty expensive. 

The mousse tasted really good - light and creamy.  The sponge I have to work at :)

I am still practicing cake making every single weekend so maybe next week I probably make a chocolate/coffee mousse cake.  I think that sounds a bit better.