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Braised Tofu and Vegetables

Braised Tofu and Vegetables
Tonight I cooked something meatless - Braised Tofu and Vegetables.  It was such a light and lovely meal!  The tofu was so beautiful - crunchy outside and moist inside.   I am trying to cut back by eating less meat and more vegetables in my diet.  Instead of eating white rice I had some spaghetti coated in a bit of garlic chilli oil.   It was a delicious combination.

Serves 2


400grams of fresh regular tofu
1/2 cup of vegetable oil
1 bunch of any greens like bok choy, choi sum into 10cm lengths
1 clove of garlic crushed and sliced in thinly
1 cup of mushroom slices
1 small carrot cut into slices
some water
2 tbs of light vegetarian soy sauce (or just light soy sauce)
2 tbs of vegetarian mushroom oyster sauce (or the normal oyster sauce)
pinch salt
shallots to to garnish


Cut tofu in small small squares approximately 2 to 2.5cms and transfer on a plate
Heat the oil in a work or a large heavy based pan on high
Slide or tip the tofu gently into the pan sideways with a knife (I find this easier because the oil will splatter if you place a square tofu in the oil one by one!)
Turn the tofu until its golden brown on each side and then drain on paper towel. Set aside
Pour off any excess oil from the pan and leave about 1TBS and reheat on high.
Add the garlic til golden (not burnt) and quickly add in the mushrooms and saute.  Set aside with the mushroom juices in another bowl
Add the carrots and a bit of water and cook (don't let it over cook) and then add the green vegetables.  Remove and set aside.
In the same pan, add the sauces, some water (if you want a thin sauce) and stir.   Carefully place the tofu pieces into the pan and coat with the sauce.  Add all of the vegetables and cook for a further 2  minutes.
Salt to taste
Garnish with shallots and serve immediately over hot jasmine rice (or spaghetti in my case)


  1. Absolutely delicious... I am sure of it! I aways replace meat with tofu once in a while for better health. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This looks like a great vegetarian meal :D)!

  3. @food glorious food: yeah it was delicious! i had tofu spaghetti the following night and it was great too!

    @cooking gallery: thanks!

  4. this recipe sounds and lokks delicious! I know it is not healthy at all, but sometimes we have to sacrifice our diet to get a craving.