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Sunny Breeze Japanese Restaurant, Sunnybank

Photo Credit:  Sunny Breeze

I usually head to a typical Chinese or Vietnamese restaurant on a Friday night.  Well not this time because last night my sister Miss. Y took Mr. V and I to Sunny Breeze, a nice little Japanease restaurant in Sunnybank - formerly known as Oshin Japanese Restaurant.

When we walked inside it felt very warm and cosy and I just loved the way the restaurant was laid out.  I think it was warm lighting effect and the warm yellow tones of their classic Japanese decor and fittings.  It felt very welcoming and relaxing.  A friendly male waiter seated us down in the corner and given us a menu each.  So the menu was quite different from one another.  I was pretty confused by this........and  I was taking my sweet time because I am so foreign to this type of food (besides the sushi rolls and tempura).

I was flipping and flipping back and forth the menu to see what's offered.  Hmm..so they have appetizers, bento, sashami, sushi rolls, set meals and the teppanyaki sets, vegetarian meals and the main meals.  There was so much to choose from....I felt quite overwhelmed.  I was having a little panic moment (I panic easily if people rush me) because a female waiter kept on insisting that we should order (maybe to hurry up)...she returned to our table 3 times within a 6 minute interval lol.   It wasn't like the restaurant was busy.   So she insisted for the second time to get our drinks.  We ordered the lychee drinks and it funny cause Mr. V did not get a straw in his glass?  Was it a man thing to not have a straw? lol.

Miss Y liked this restaurant so I asked her what she would recommend.   She recommended me one of the main meals which is all served with rice and miso soup.  I ordered the Wafu Steak which is quality beef cooked in red wine served with teriyaki sauce and salad and Mr. V ordered the Salmon Steak which is a salmon fillet cooked in teriyaki sauce served with salad.  Miss Y had the Wafu steak too.  The meals cost $25.50 which is reasonably priced.

Wafu Steak served with rice and miso soup $25.50

The Wafu Steak tasted pretty good although it was already served and cut up into portions like this.  I actually like to enjoy my steak by cutting it myself and enjoying it that way.   It was suppose to be done medium rare but it looked rare but that's okay - the meat was so tender and moist.   However,  I found it very hard to maneuver my rice bowl around next to the steak.......do I have to put my rice bowl in front of the long plate or on the side or just uncomfortably holding it up to my mouth that way? lol  I feel so traditional :P.  Well maybe I was too accustomed by eating everything on one plate - I mean it's so much easier that way.  Not to worry the food tasted good and the salad was very refreshing.  I quite liked it.

Salmon Steak served with rice and miso soup $25.50

The Salmon Steak that Mr. V had smelt so good when it arrived to the table.  Maybe I should of ordered that one.  I had a quick bite of this and it was not over cooked.  Mr. V had no problem with this meal.  No complaints about this meal at all. He just said "it's good".

The overall experience of this place I say it was pretty fair to be honest.   However, I felt that we were rushed into ordering our food and when cleaning up I was still sipping on my miso soup *sigh*.    If I did come back here one day (or to any new restaurant),  I am going to make an effort and actually looking at the restaurant's website online first and see what I want to order instead of having panic sessions every time a waiter says "Order now? Now?" a million times.

So would I come back?  Yes I would since I am looking at their site menu now, I feel like a SHABU SHABU on a Sunday night.

Overall rating:

Affordability: $$ Moderate
Eftpos/Credit card: Mastercard, Eftpos, Cash, Visa

Food: 8
Ambience: 8
Service: 7
Value: 8

Open: 7 Days Lunch and Dinner
Menu costs:  Look at Sunny Breeze's Menu

Address: Shop 24, Sunny Park Shopping CentreCnr Mains Road & McCullough Street Sunnybank QLD 4109
Parking: If you want to come here the parking is free and it's easily accessible at Sunny Park. 

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  1. Not much people eating Sunny Breeze the last time i was there.

  2. Suddenly I remember my poor student days. I used to think a $9.90 Japanese meal is crazy! :D

  3. Hi Ann,

    Just to let you know I've listed your blog in a post on I ? BNE Food Bloggers:

    Yes you have permission to use “I heart BNE food blogger” image. I appreciate you asking.

    Please let me know if you want any changes.


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