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Burlington BBQ Restaurant, Sunnybank

Burlington BBQ Restaurant Shop 42, Market Square
341 Mains Rd
Sunnybank QLD 4109

I just had the most satisfying and most homey meal tonight at Burlington BBQ Restaurant at Market Square in Sunnybank.   I come here occasionally because it offers a variety of authentic Hong Kong style meat dishes such as BBQ roast pork, roast duck, soy sauce chicken, cha sui pork to name a few.   Each meal comes with a full sized plate of the meat, rice and green vegetables which I quite like.  Also as a side dish they offer a small nice hot bowl of pork bone soup with carrots and potatoes while you wait for the main meal.  The thing that I like about this place is that they offer huge servings (you can easily share between two people), it's very inexpensive and very filling.

Inside Burlington BBQ Restaurant

The atmosphere of the restaurant is pretty average when you walk in but I can say that the waft of BBQ roast duck in the air really balances out the decor they have currently in the room.   The tables and chairs are quite sturdy - not like the typical Asian ones that feel like they are about to break.   On each table of course there are spoons, forks and chopsticks already available and only a jar of ginger chilli - not typical Asian condiments that you would find at other Asian restaurants.   The reason why is that they have soy sauce poured on your main dish already for you.

The people that work there don't really smile at all but I guess it's because of the hard work they put in every day to make pretty darn good roast duck and meats.   The service is always efficient and our meals came out in about 10 minutes since the meats are already available at the window.  Sometimes the atmosphere is buzzing with lots of noise and sometimes it is very quiet like tonight -  I could watch and listen to the wide screen tv the owners have on the back wall.   The television is usually playing lots of Chinese programs especially drama.

The menu offers a wide range of roast, pork and chicken dishes that you can either have one range with rice and sides or a combination with rice and sides.  You can also order 1/4 or 1/2 or whole duck or chicken as take away.  And if you can't finish your meal just ask for a take away box and they will gladly give you one (without a smile lol).

Roast duck, bbq pork and soy chicken with sides

My friend and I picked the combination roasted duck, pork and soy chicken.  The chicken was a bit tough and dry but on the other hand the roasted duck and the pork was very delicious.   The meats were very tender, juicy and the skin was shining with fatty goodness.  The fat just melted straight in my mouth.  And then having a nice sip of the hot soup just finishes the meal off quite well.  It was very very satisfying.   It was so big I couldn't finish it all so I got a take away box.

Overall the food is big and tasty and the service is efficient, most of the staff can speak English so no communication barrier and pretty good value for money.   I spent about $35 on a two big satisfying main meals with sides and half a roast duck to take home.  It's pretty cheap and very tasty so if you like to spend less on eating out I do recommend this place even though the servers don't smile.  I make this exception since I just love their BBQ meat dishes!

Overall rating:

Affordability: CHEAP!
Eftpos/Credit card: tba

Food: 8
Ambience: 6
Service: 6
Value: 9

Open: Everyday
Menu costs:  Main meals with sides under $20 (contact the restaurant for their whole roasts/chicken/pork etc)
Takeaway: Yes

Contact: Burlington BBQ Sunnybank
Phone: (07) 3219 6128

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  1. yum looks delicious & love your new look on your blog! dayle

  2. The portions look big and the food looks delicious...my kind of place!

  3. @sonia: yes it was yummy since i havent had it since last year

    @gbf: thanks! i had to change it to fit on my laptop :)

    @soulfire: yeah its huge....but good value..its $10 for the plate and soup. its not fine dining where u cant really get full but its home-y dining..