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Sinh To Bo (Vietnamese Avocado Milkshake/Smoothie)

Sinh To Bo (Vietnamese avocado milkshake) is my favourite Vietnamese milkshake/smoothie!   And since it's in season where I am I thought I would make some!   It's so delicious yet so healthy besides the condensed milk.   The combination of the condense milk and the avocado gives this really nice smooth, rich and creamy consistency that you would think there was ice cream in it!

Sinh To Bo (Vietnamese Avocado Milkshake/Smoothie) (makes 2 serves)

2 ripe avocados (skin off and seed out)
1/4 (or more depends on your sweet tooth) of condense milk
1/2 cup of milk
1/4 cup of coconut milk
2 cups of crushed ice

Blend all ingredients together til nice and smooth.   Add more milk (less thicker) or add more condense milk (sweeter) to get the consistency you want.  Serve immediately!



  1. Ann, This is very refreshing. Anyway can I use milk and coconut milk only without adding condensed milk?

  2. @ann: aww im such a sweet tooth i need that condense milk in...even though i know it goes straight down to my thigh! lol. u can make it without the condense milk and add a teaspoon sugar or more depending on your sweet bud :) with the coconut milk...cause its not that sweet...well to me anyways :)

  3. Looks simple and delicious... This must be tried... Thanks.

  4. Yummy...I love these...I've never used coconut milk, just cow milk...I bet it makes it even richer.

  5. I have never tried this, looks like a meal in itself!

  6. @spoon and chopsticks: do try it! you will love it!

    @bo: yeah it makes it really rich!

    @3 hungries: it was hey lol...drank a cup and that was dinner for me hehe