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Mixed Berry Banana Smoothie

Mixed berry and banana smoothie such a healthy snack that is pretty much a meal itself!  It is such a fantastic combination that can be alternated with different types of ingredients such as different types of yogurt, how much ice you want to use and how much banana or berries you like to add.  It's the same with every other type with smoothies that you can personalise.

I have used frozen berries since it is so hard to find fresh ones here.  Does the same trick :).

Mixed Berry and Banana Smoothie

This is my combination (alternate as you would like it)

1 cup of mixed berries
2 bananas
1 cup of milk
5 spoonfuls of yogurt (I used plain vanilla yogurt but you can alternate)
2 cups of crushed ice (to make it thick consistency)
optional: splash of coconut milk (I just like adding coconut milk to every smoothie I make)

Add all ingredients together and blend til smooth to your consistency.  Add more ice to get thick or add more milk to get it more thinner consistency.

Serve immediately.


  1. This is really good, healthy and refreshing. Thanks for sharing Ann ;D

  2. this is a great shot? you took it?

  3. Love the berries, it's difficult for us to buy fresh berries here in Malaysia. There are either too expensive or no available.

  4. Is this the real picture of the shake you made? looking so yummy, I will definitely give it a try, and will tell you people about the experience :)

  5. @ angie: thanks angie!

    @ anncoo: yeah it was so delicious

    @ made2order: no my hubby took it

    @ anges: yeah even the frozen packet seems expensive to buy nowadays

    @ ex display kitchens: yeah its the real photo :). thank you