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Kim Lan Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant @ the Valley, Brisbane

Kim Lan Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant @ the Valley Brisbane is one of the best Vietnamese / Chinese Restaurants I have ever been to. My first step into this cosy little restaurant was back in the old days while I was still a student attending QUT. Every single Friday my friend and I would treat ourselves to cheap and tasty meals here. We made it a permanent ritual. It's not far away from the City (5-8 minute bus ride) and within student budget, we could order a main meal and a dessert! I think costing me about under $13 at the time. They always keep their prices low to suit everyone! The restaurant is only about a 5 min walk from Brunswick Station too! So it is pretty convenient.

The restaurant is tucked away in the inner street.
photo courtesy of truelocal.com.au

When you walk inside, you will feel a nice relaxed atmosphere, turquoise walls, traditional paintings and onto the side a big mirrored wall so you can check yourself out (lol) while waiting to be served and your order to arrive. You can either buy your drinks but often they will give a complimentary black tea or cold water. Which is great! Music played in the background would be typically Chinese music (I have never heard any Vietnamese) like Jay Chou, Twins, and Andy Lau. The service is efficient and friendly. Ever since dining in this restaurant there is no problem of service. Well except one waitress that worked there who was pretty impatient and never smiled but the good thing is that she is not there no more!

I usually order the barbeque duck or pork with steamed green vegetables on the side with soy however, the pho and the deep fried ice cream always gets me!

Best Pho in the Valley!

This is the best pho in the valley! It's pretty almost like the Thanh Phu's Pho. This one is a lot deeper in flavour and darker in colour and it's usually loaded with more broth. Served with the meal is the usual - fresh garnishes like thai basil, mint and lime. Sauces include fresh chili, hoi sin and chili sauce. I would be so full after this meal but.....I always have room for this delicious fried ice cream with my favourite topping - Caramel! When served it's hot, buiscuit-y, coconut-y and crunchy. One bit into it you will find yourself indulging into the caramel saunce, into the warm sweet top layers with the rough crunch and then slowly devouring into the cold vanilla ice cream. Oh I am in heaven!

Best deep fried ice cream

I am thinking going back here again. I haven't been since finishing university! I know a long time ago. The food is cheap, the service is quick, the music sounds good to my ears and they have the best fried ice cream and pho here!

If you want to get here I recommend to catch public transport because if you are thinking of just going to dine don't drive the car cause there is no free parking unless finding off street parking which will take ages to find! Park is I .. think $10 to park at the parking lot since I last been there.

Overall rating:

Affordability: CHEAP!
Eftpos/Credit card: Mastercard, Eftpos, Cash, Visa

Food: 8
Ambience: 6
Service: 8.5
Value: 9

Open: 7 Days Lunch and Dinner
Menu costs: Mains under $20
Takeaway: Yes

Shop 5, 12 Duncan St, FORTITUDE VALLEY, QLD, 4006
Phone (07) 3852 1878

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  1. Nice to see someone else out hunting Pho in Brisbane.

    I found the noodles really mushy at Kim Lan, but that was a couple of years now, may have to try it again.

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