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I am back....well sort of :)

growing our own vegetable garden!

Wow it i has been a long long while since I last updated!  I have been so busy being a full time mother to my beautiful daughter Eva!   Can't believe that she is turning two this June already!  How time flies.   She is geting to the toddler stage :).     Less wakings which is a bonus but trying to ignore those little tantrums can be a bit hard sometimes.   Stress levels get up but all is good when I look at her most adorable baby photo above my computer.

We have been trying to build a vegetable patch for the last few months just to ourselves busy....well mainly Eva being busy and teaching her where her green food comes from.   Oh and teaching her how to only pick when the tomatoes are getting ripe!   She is getting good at that and watering the garden nearly every morning.  I think it has become a routine.   When she wakes up she remembers to water the garden! 

We tried to grow broccoli, snow beans and cucumber!   The broccoli just died because something was infesting it!  And our snow beans died because of the heavy rainfall and  the we only 'harverested' one cucumber lol. 

one cucumber from our vege garden!  nice and crunchy

The only greens that are thriving are all the Asian herbs and cherry tomatoes! 

Anyway enough of me rambling on!! 

Sorry about all the photos that are missing!  Not sure what happened!  

I will be sure be updating a little often just because I got more 'time' on my hands now :).

Til next time



  1. Long time no see...welcome back to the blogosphere! =)

    The little one sure is growing up fast...no so little any more. :)

    Very nice veggie garden. Even if you harvested just one cucumber, I'm sure it was the BEST cucumber!


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  4. I love my veggies.
    Pity my garden is not big enough to Growing my OWN food.

    Kind regards,

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