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Pho Bo (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup)

I have beeen so busy with work and other things in my life I rarely had the time to blog.  It's Saturday morning and I've just finished some paper work off for the week and now I am craving for some pho bo (vietnamese beef noodle soup) that I made last week.

I used this nice recipe from her site Viet World Kitchen and tweaked it a little to my taste.  Since I wasn't making pho for a big group of people I used minimal ingredients which the broth turned out fine.  I found that using beef neck bone made the soup broth not that clear (oh well it tasted delicious anyway) and used ox tail was a nicer but expensive choice.  I simmered both of this for about 3-4 hours, scooping out the scum and then added a cheat already made muslin cloth of pho spices which I got at the local Asian grocery store for around $3.60.   The ox tail meat comes out very tender!

For the bowls I used already sliced knuckle beef and beef balls and tendons - more than enough meat!  Garnishes were fresh basil, green onions /shallots, bean sprouts, dipping sauce was the usual hoi sin and chilli sauce.

The broth turned out pretty good.  It didn't taste anything like the restaurants cause its so msg based!

A nice video of Pho by Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam. The best dish ever!


  1. Wow - you can still crank out the dishes with a full plate...haha! ;-)

  2. we didn't have a chance to eat these noodle when we visit viet hihi, we miss those memory.
    nice post :)

  3. nice beef noodle soup, i looks great. simply noodles is better :)
    thumbs up for the post. :x

  4. I love Pho! It's hard to find good pho in Texas.

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  6. Nothing beats a good bowl of Pho! I usually make a chicken broth with (Durrrr!) chicken. I base my soup from Viet World Kitchen too.
    For clear soups, don't keep the soup at a rolling boil but a gentle simmer, and skim the scum off at regular intervals (like you were doing). A chef tip is to put an egg white into the stock. The impurities stick to the egg white and when you remove the cooked egg white - your stock is supposed to be clear. Not tried it myself though...

  7. Yummy! The beef pics make me hungry.. :(

  8. These post's/blogs are so old, you need to update this shit

  9. I've never tasted Pho Bo before. But it peeks my interest. It looks like something that I will definitely like.
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  10. This is my favourite and I am missing it badly. Unfortunately getting beef bones are tough here. haiz... only can drool on yours.

  11. Thanks for this. It looks soooooo yummy!

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