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Vietnam Corner BBQ Restaurant Sunnybank Plaza

Vietnam Corner BBQ is one of the main restaurants I end up going to at Sunnybank to pick up a nice hot cheap meal (I know I love cheap and filling).   I have been to this place several times even though the restaurant does not really serve most Vietnamese food that even really taste like it but I digress.  I only come here for one dish!

Vietnam Corner BBQ Restaurant

(07) 3344 2233
Shop 140 Sunnybank Plaza Shopping Centre
Brisbane, 4109

Atmosphere:  I would say the atmosphere is pretty nice.  It's well lit and has not cheap feel like a Vietnamese restaurant.   With Vietnamese restaurant you would be pretty much sitting on flimsy chairs that feel like they are about to break but with this restaurant they have nice sturdy chairs and tables.  The menus are right at the front door (and specials hanging on the walls) with the condiments that you would have to serve yourself.  This place is pretty busy around lunch and dinner time filled with mainly families.  It's a family friendly restaurant - there is lots of space to move around.

Service:  Service is okay.    The main thing is that I get my meal on time because I don't like waiting for food.   Food comes out efficiently and it has been consistent.

Food:  Okay to the food.  The food could be better...I mean they should live up to being a Vietnamese restaurant but if I wanted authentic real Vietnamese food I would just walk over to Market Square to Pho Hien Vuong Restaurant but I really come here for the "Roast Duck Wonton Noodle Soup" which is just a egg noodle soup with roast duck and really really good wontons. 

Look how heapful this bowl looks for just $13?  Okay this was the first duck dish I tried here and one of the cooks made a mistake by putting a bit too much duck in the bowl!   I had a hard time trying to finish it but it was a good value meal.  After going there again and ordering the same dish....it wasn't as plentiful with the duck!  Oh well it was good though :).

The wontons at Chinese restaurants I found is that they have nice prawns inside it and really chewy but with the Vietnamese style wontons they are usually filled with a peppery mince flavour and no seafood.  This is why I come back here to Vietnam Corner because of their wontons cause the restaurant is pretty much run by Chinese.

I ordered a "Vietnamese Coffee" which was a major let down and it cost under $5.  Too much of a powder taste.

Other dishes I had here:

Combination Broken Rice - not bad!

Wonton Noodle Soup - Love the wontons

Overall Rating:  Good and reasonable price!  The food has been consistent here besides the duck wonton noodle soup.  Love the atmosphere, very modern and inviting.  A nice place for families with children since they have big space to move around.  Parking is not a problem really around the place.  The quality of the food is good and the price corresponds to it. 

A 7.5 out of 10 for me! :)

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