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Pepper Sauce Tofu Puffs with Couscous

This is something I whipped up in a few minutes.  I had left over tofu puffs in the fridge, pepper sauce from the steak (previous entry), some bean sprouts and herbs and was too lazy to make rice so made 5 minute couscous instead.    I thought it would of tasted weird but turned out pretty good!

All I did was cook the couscous in boiling water for 5 minutes until light and fluffy.  Meanwhile, I cut up the puffed tofu into slices and then added it on a hot pan with oil....stir fried it and then added in all those ingredients and voila...a 5 minute meal!  It was very tasty and filling.

I think the point to this post is that you can whip up anything in the fridge even though "you have nothing to eat".   I could of went out to Maccas but decided to make up something with leftovers which became a satisfying meal.


  1. Look good Ann well done food should not be wasted..

  2. A bit of fusion going on there hehe.
    Great way to use up your leftover.

  3. Yes Ann, love food not waste ;) This looks very delicious!

  4. Should have more followers lol love your page..

  5. Looks really good Ann! I love anything with pepper. :) The taste should have a kick to it, yum!

  6. It's always good when you can turn leftovers into something wonderful like this.

  7. As the saying goes "Necessity is the mother of invention!" I usually only shop every two to two 1/2 weeks, so at times I'm down to "nothing to eat." It's those times when I get inspired!