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How to Make Soft Rice Paper Roll (with Prawn and Pork) & Dipping Sauce

soft rice paper rolls
Soft Rice Paper Rolls (with Prawn and Pork)

My all time favourite Vietnamese dish would have to be Soft Rice Paper Rolls!! Why? This is because it can be used to wrap up a wide range of fillings of your choice from meat, fish, chicken, noodles or veges. It's a fun way to entertain and get family and friends together. Each person can assemble their own unique spring roll according to their taste and preferences.

The main essential fillings for the rice paper rolls are vermicelli noodles and herbs and you can add whatever meat you desire. I like either beef or pork or even those crunchy deep fried spring rolls.

Today I am going to show you have to make Prawn and Pork Rice Paper Rolls and Dipping Sauce to go with it. You can also find these at Asian Grocers already made for you for about $4 a container with their special dipping sauce! YUmmmm...

Soft Rice Paper Roll (with Prawn and Pork)

To make about 20 rolls you will need:
  • 1/2 kg of pork rashers or you can use pork neck. (i used half of the pack in the photo below)
  • approx 20 prawns cooked and peeled and cut half side ways
  • fresh herbs / lettuce
  • vermicelli noodles
  • 20 rice paper sheets
  • warm water for dipping the sheets
  • dipping sauce!

Some of the ingredients!


- Place rashes in a pot of boiling water on medium heat. Cook through well. Then take out of the water and set it aside to cool. Cut up in 1 cm pieces.

- I bought my prawns already cooked. If you bought it fresh then boil it until it changes colour and let it cool. Then peel prawns. And then slice it half side ways (like the pic below).

- In another pot, cook the noodles according to instructions. Drain well and set aside.

- Lay all the ingredients out as shown below. You can have it in any order you like but the prawns must come first just for presentation wise!

In order....doesn't have to be but the rice paper and then the prawn must be first

- Fill a large bowl with warm water. Now place a sheet of rice paper and dip it into the water and take it out. Immediately lay this on a big plate. (Don't go soaking your sheet......yuckkk it will go all soggy gross! lol and then you can't even roll it properly!)

- Then place the prawns (cut side up), then noodles, herbs and pork on the botton edge of the rice paper roll near towards your body. Leave enough paper to roll the sheet over to cover the ingredients.

- Fold over the rice sheet paper until all the ingredients are covered.

- Roll until the prawn side is facing downwards onto the plate. Then fold each side to seal the two ends of the paper.

- Repeat the process until all ingredients are used up

- Place on a nice serving dish and serve with dipping sauce.

This is a slide show on How to make rice paper roll. I thought it would be easier than explaining it :)

Now make the sauce!

Vietnamese Dipping Sauce
Please adjust the ingredients to your taste

1/2 cup fish sauce
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 squeezed lime or lemon
2 garlic cloves minced
2 chilli's minced
some water

Vietnamese dipping sauce

- Get a jar that is sealable (empty jam jar) and add water and sugar. Mix to dissolve the sugar. Then add the fish sauce and lime or lemon juice.

- Then add in the garlic and chillis. Taste. Add more fish sauce or water according to your preference.
- Serve immediately. It is recommended that you store in the fridge. Lasts for a couple of months.


  1. Oh Ann your rolls are so beautiful , my family love Vietnamese roll and I often made these for them , thanks for reminding I still have a packet of rice paper sheets in my pantry and I will make some soon , thanks for sharing !

  2. thanks! took me a while to do this post :P..

  3. WOW! Beautiful rolls. You even made your own rice paper rolls? You're really awesome :D

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  5. they look so pretty. And you've got us all the steps to make them too. Thanks for the recipe and all.. I love it and I would make it soon :)

  6. hi traciMOO. thank you! it took me a while to do all the steps lol... i hope you enjoy it! it tastes great!

  7. I have always wanted to make these...I even bought some of the wrappers a few weeks ago...just haven't known what to do